Bring your own!

Bring your own!

Dust you are and dust you will become.

In the meantime you can spend your time drinking powder too.

On this pearl of wisdom I officially announce that this week I will try to see if I can find the mojito powder (where I have seen it, they have run out of it... which means it rocks) , so when I return to dust, you can recycle me for the mojito-party and I will live forever in all of you.

What a fucking trip, folks.

You know, when you have not the shadow of a thought that goes through your head, you tend to border on surrealism.

Today is the month that I started (in two days it will be a month since I arrived) and I can say that I'm fine. I reside in a wonderful city that is living at its minimum potential, in fact since it is still winter and nightlife ends early on the streets and at the beach .

Certainly, however, the activities are not lacking. I live surrounded by huge parks, natural areas, boat trips, bridges and towers to climb and a large span of places where you can celebrate anything.

All decorated with a fantastic landscape and mechanisms that work perfectly.

Leaving a Cannondale (X-thousand dollar mountain bike) in full sight and without a chain to the market is a sign that some things do not happen, as if it is being scolded by someone if they throw the cigarette on the street. Now tell me what’s surreal. Thil or the opening of this post? Right.

Here in Sydney if you do not have at least thirty technological gadgets with you you  are less than no one.

The Sydneysiders are super - equipped for any eventuality : if you simply walk it’s mandatory to expose in plain sight an iphone and some mp3 player. If you run the thing is a bit more complicated : absolute technique shoes  (not dusted, off, old, simil black converse '84 ) , shorts and T-shirt with at least something that reflects light and breathable fabric or microfiber. For the most advanced a flashing light is attached to an arm . If you go by bike even better : the barely acceptable bike is in Minimal Design. You can also see advanced-bikers MTB with LED lights front and rear , millions of gears , carbon rims , shock absorbers and All- Conditions wheels . This of course when they do not go to work by skateboard or with a surfboard under their arm.

Really crucial for this post, is the barbecue or, as locals say, the bbq.  Important aspect of social life in Sydney and, I bet , in all Australia.

In honor of my birthday, Sunday I went to a bbq at Bondi Beach.

You’re walking, absolutely carefree and you don’t give a shit if low clouds with huge storm potential are coming, you just want to enjoy the scenery from the beach: people in the water , a completely free beach and above all fully equipped workstations to cook the meat, clean and available to everyone for free. You only have to worry about carrying your part of animal and sauces to flavor it, a habit that is called here with another acronym : BYO , bring your own.

I’ve got my thirty pounds of beef in my bag, Australian wine and beers , music, and the rest comes by itself.

The day slips between sausages , hot dogs and beers , to become, in the evening , a frantic race to the last piece of bread to soak up the beer.

Every once in a while, a few minutes of rain forces me to open my umbrella , but even that does not disturb the atmosphere, which I stress to brighten the dullness of your day at the office.


The feeling you get , speaking in this scenario, in this context, with people from all over the world , makes you feel instantly an idiot for spending hours and hours trying to convince someone to go out instead of watching a football match. They will never get it.

One month after leaving Italy I do not miss anything. Thinking about how things work, the atmosphere and how good  it feels, knowing that here, if you want you can get anything.

Of course, the absolute absence of elderly people is felt.

Walk to Sydney and you will see an old man only while he’s going to quietly die in a corner or, more likely, just a picture of them, on a denture adhesives or creams for hemorrhoids advertising. Awesome.

It is said that they live outside the city , in the resorts , in beautiful houses, ocean front , in the English style , surrounded by parks.

More realistically , they have been exterminated by natural selection where to live, you know how to send a text message with the iPhone without looking at the screen while you walk and avoid people skating . Impossible even for someone I know (me).

Good news also in terms of language learning . Embarrassments for a cappuccino are now history ,  I am now more focused on how not to seem a deaf-mute in a clothing store . It seems a major step forward to me, doesn’t it?

Entering with the intent to buy a t-shirt and getting out in full wetsuit for the arctic sea seems unacceptable , so I have to improve. In the meantime , I wish you a good laugh watching the security video cameras in store , where a strange guy appears and compulsively indicates for a T-shirt at first and then breaks out as if to incite a crowd trying to make some sense .

That guy is not me (It is).

From downunder is all, stay tuned!

Writer wannabe, mojito and absinthe lover, one day I want to see the Earth from space. I’m a ESL Teacher.