To you

To you

This is a tribute to you,

that every day you open your eyes and fight, every day go on without looking back or if you do it’s just for a moment to remind you how far you’ve come and you smile internally.

To you that never complains or, if you feel the need, you do it when you’ve reached your limit, and even then in a discreet, almost private moment, almost in silence you raise your head, look at the sun and feel the warmth on your face and smile again.

To you that have insight into the goals you want to achieve and however far away they seem, he does not turn away his gaze, his eyes fixed upon the moment that you and tomorrow you are looking for.

To you who are a proud soul,

you cry in silence at your mistakes, not dwelling on those mistakes as if they were a waste of time, but examining them carefully to treasure them and to make them part of your success.

To you who are eager to progress, you enjoy the journey in every moment, in every nuance during each step and tear of sweat. To you who enjoy thinking about the descent of the hill you will find that shortly after the rise that the fall shall follow and you take from it the strength and momentum to overcome the next obstacle.

To you who are not what you do, but do what you have to to be what you want.

To you who listen to you, even in the midst of a thousand noises and footsteps silent in the folds of every day, marching agile and confident with the sun on your face.

To you that before you ask a question of others as you do of yourself, you who answer to the wheels only, so you have to do this once and for all. To you who see opportunity around every corner and fill the void that is around you with the best parts of you.

To you who grit your teeth and clench your fists when things get dark and in those moments find enlightenment within the thoughts and dreams that you carry within.

To you that someone has tried to humiliate, unable even to respond and answer blow for blow, worrying about sharing the office the next day and the next.

To you who knew it would be tough, that’s why you have not given up.

To you who are on the go now, those who are ready to party, or simply layed back. At night that you make a budget for the next day and dream that within the detail to make it better than the last day.

To you that focus on the important things and  deprive yourself of the superfluous needs. To you that you can also indulge in the whim of the moment, but know and give it the proper weight.

To you that the journey never ends, regardless of the place you have chosen as home. A home that you’ve got inside and all the rest is your garden. A soft place that you can ever rest, and remind yourself what brought you to that point where and when, taking the salt of your sweat & energy to another step and rejoice in a bright smile when you get to where you want to be.

To you who know that the goal of a trip is the beginning of another and that’s why you seize the importance of enjoying every moment, avoiding to transform the precious goal achieved in a moment lived only half right.

To you who gets to peaks you’ve decided to scale, whether one thousand miles high or low hills.

To you that you stop and looked around, you can not see but look, listen but do not hear, do not exist but live. To you who see a wrong day as a greater probability and that the next will be better, you hear what you have to say and take the time you need to take when required.

To you who accelerate uphill to overcome then as soon as possible, slow down to enjoy it as you can.

To you that when you will be forced to lower your  head you will remember what it feels like not to impose it on to another.

To you who do not look for conflict, but  do not flinch when it confronts you. To you who defend what you have, what you are and what you want. To you who protect your dream, because that depends on what you are getting.

To you who clench your fists in resistance a moment longer and show that you are not  an easy target. To those who have tried to stand in your way and make your way harder, when  you have been able to find another way.

To you that have made big mistakes and have resulted in creating successful moments as a reward..

To you who do not hide that you have your moments of discomfort, but do not reveal them, seeking to offer an easier way. To you who share or stay where you are, but in any case are prepared to accept the consequences.

To you who never dwell in the gardens of those around you, desiring what you have not, but giving yourself a little peek to see if you’re missing something.

To you that you carry on with your choices,

even when no one supports you, knowing that those choices have to define what you are.

This praise is for you and all those like you.  It goes to you with  my admiration and from my eyes through your eyes only to realize that the desires, the first to bloom in the form of dreams, have gone through various forms, perhaps crude, anonymous, outrageous and damn vague, but with time and strength have become what you wanted.

To you that every night is unique and tomorrow will always be a new heaven.

Writer wannabe, mojito and absinthe lover, one day I want to see the Earth from space. I’m a ESL Teacher.